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COSC Department Working on Xseed

The Department of Computer Science has been working on Xseed to provide supercomputing service to enhance teaching, learning, and research, including sensor networking, high-end graphics, animation, and complex computational problems among other capabilities.


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Xseed is a local name for the Bowie State University's Apple's G5 supercomputer.  On March 9, 2005, Bowie State University, in cooperation with Apple Computer, Inc., built a $1 million supercomputer which the university named Xseed. The name, Xseed, was inspired by one of the American frontier-man, Johny Appleseed, who, according to the legend, spread his apple seeds throughout the Northeast and the Great Lakes region, and from the germinated seeds sprang up countless apple trees along the way. It is the hope of BSU that Xseed will similarly produce the seeds of inspiration in the university's community and beyond, the inspiration that will lead to the widespread of the supercomputer for research, education, and business.



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