Dr. Frank Xu pronounced as "shu"(巍峰)
Associate Professor of Cybersecurity
Department of Computer Science
Bowie State University

14000 Jericho Park Road

Bowie, MD 20715-9465

Phone: 301-860-3965

Email: wxu AT bowiestate.edu
Office: Computer Science Building 216


Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of software security, secure software engineering, software quality assurance, and mining software engineering data.


 Ph.D., Software Engineering,  North Dakota State University, ND
 M.S.,  Computer Science, Towson University, MD
 B.S.,  Computer Science (Math minor), Southeast Missouri State University, MO

IT/Academic Working Experience

Bowie State University, 2015 - present

General Electric, Transportation, 2008 2015

Gannon University, 2008-2015
The University of Virginia's  College at Wise, 2007 ~2008
Swanson Health Products, MIS, 2005 ~ 2007
Volt Information Science Inc., 2004 ~ 2005
National Statistical Bureau, Jintan, Jiangsu, China, 1992 ~ 1997


Information Privacy and Security

Introduction to Computer Science

Software Security

Software and Operating System Security

Fundamental of Cryptography

Principles & Methods of Intrusion Detection

Foundations of Computer & Network Security

Computer Networking


Aspect-oriented software development and software quality assurance, software security, and software testing

Publication   Presentation


Cosc 110 Computer Literacy
Cosc 222 Programming in Java
Cosc 230 Introduction to Software Engineering

CIS 340 Multi-Tiered Systems
Cosc 371 Discrete Mathematical Structures
Sweg 322 Software Requirements & Modeling
CIS 317/GCIS 506 Personal Software Process
CIS 315 Software Engineering

CIS330 Operating System  

GCIS 501 Advanced Programming
GCIS 504/GENG 580 Requirements Engineering

CIS 310/GCIS567 Software Design & Test

CIS 286 Adv Object-Oriented Techniques/GCIS563 Object-Oriented Problem in Java

CIS 392/GCIS 592 Mobile Application Programming

GCIS 555 Dynamic Web Programming

GCIS 512 Object-Oriented Modeling

Other Links

2009 - 2010 Program Curriculums and Check Sheets



Current Students



Ding, Tao (GE-GRIP, Now UMBC, Ph.D. student), 2013
Syed, Aqeelraza (GE-GRIP), 2013
Wang, Hanlin (RA, Mining test data for test oracle), 2012

Pattison, Brian (GE-GRIP, now GE)
Poonawala, Batul (GE-GRIP, now GE)

Lin, Deng (RA, generating security requirements, Now George Mason University Ph.D. student)

Frombach, Alix (PRM project, now GE)
Bavikati, Bharath K(RA, deriving test patterns from test cases)

Shah, Mitul  

Althiyab, Abdullah (GE-GRIP)

Ding, Hao (PRM)

Tiwari, Neha (Detecting infeasible path based on Java bytecode)

Williams, James (PRM project, GE-GRIP, now GE)