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Tracks for Computer Science Certificate Program

To obtain a certificate, candidates must complete a set of four courses (3 credits each) from the chosen track (together with their prerequisite courses, if any), achieving a 3.0 grade point average or better.

Track 1 - Data Base Management/Artificial Intelligence

Students are introduced to concepts necessary for designing, implementing and using data base systems. Students are also exposed to some advanced concepts, such as intelligent user interfaces and distributed and object-oriented data bases.

Track 2 - Networks and Distributed Systems

In this track, students are introduced to general principles of computer communication, network architecture and programming using TCP/IP protocols. Students also study issues relating to distributed computing.

Track 3 - Scientific Software Development

This track equips the students with numerical techniques for solving various scientific problems. Students study numerical analysis, queuing theory, modeling and simulation.

Track 4 - Software Engineering

This track prepares students to develop requirements and design software for business applications and manage software development teams.

Track 5 - Graphics and User Interfaces

This track prepares students to create and manipulate digital models and images. Students also investigate graphics rich user interfaces and image processing techniques.

Track 6 - Geographical Information Systems and Image Processing

Students are introduced to computer-based systems for storing, retrieving, analyzing and displaying complex spatial data. Students also learn image processing techniques for finding relations between survey maps and images from remote sensing devices, for environmental monitoring and for land use development.

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