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PRISEM Tutoring Center

Computer Science Bldg (CSB), Ste 107


In July 2002, the SEM Tutoring & Resource Center changed its name to PRISEM Tutoring Center. PRISEM is an acronymic variation on the word prism. Almost everyone thinks prisms are cool! They are primarily known for their ability to disperse light rays. You can shine white light through one side of the prism and get a rainbow of colors out of the other side. Thus a prism might be a place where concepts taught in the sciences, engineering and mathematics (SEM) disciplines are clarified. In addition, the dispersion concept may also apply to the goals of the center. It can be viewed as a place where Bowie State students can come for academic support in their SEM courses. If you conceptualize the prism as representing the center, the light entering represents the SEM academics. Better-prepared students emerge from the other side. The center is the point of dispersion for Preparation, Resources, and Information in Science, Engineering and Mathematics, thus PRISEM.

The establishment of the PRISEM Tutoring Center (then called the SEM Tutoring & Resource Center) in September of 1996 has provided a centralized and systematic approach to attend to the supplemental educational needs of all students enrolled in SEM courses. Staffed with peer student tutors, who are hired to provide one-on-one and small group tutoring in most of the SEM courses, the Center utilizes an internally-designed information-system for tracking referrals and tutoring services and to provide feedback to instructors on a regular basis. The Center has served the academic support needs of all students enrolled in SEM averaging over 2,500 different tutorial sessions per year.

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