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Research Laboratories

Virtual Reality Laboratory (VR Lab)

VR LabVR Laboratory consists of VR Software Lab and VR Hardware Lab in Room No. CSB 312 and Room No.CSB 106 respectively.The goal of the VR laboratories is to introduce students to Virtual Reality hardware, software, and to provide an opportunity for students to apply this knowledge to applications for training, education, and games.The lab applies research methods from social science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, human-computer interaction, and data visualization to address the challenge of including social, emotional, and communication factors into modeling and simulation of crowd behavior.

Microautonomous Systems and Technology (MAST)

MAST Logo The Microautonous Systems and Technology (MAST) lab's goal is to perform enabling research and transition technology that will enhance warfighter's tactical situational awareness in urban and complex terrain by enabling the autonomous operation of a collaborative ensemble of multifunctional, mobile microsystems. The lab is a partnership with the Army Research Lab (ARL) in Adelphi, MD.

Center for Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies (C2ET)

C2ET Logo The Center for Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies (C2ET) at Bowie State University provides educational, research and training opportunities in network and information security to both students and faculty. C2ET also engages in outreach to the broader community. It embodies the joint efforts of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Management Information Systems at BSU.

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