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Augmented Reality with Hololens: Building Evacuation

Current Students: Sri Teja Bodempudi (Doctoral Student) and James Stigall (Doctoral Candidate)

Status: Current

Early hands-on experiences with the Microsoft Hololens augmented/mixed reality device have given promising results for building evacuation application. A range of use cases are tested, including data visualization and immersive data spaces, in-situ visualization of 3D models and full scale architectural form visualization. The Hololens is a remarkable tool for moving from traditional visualization of 3D objects on a 2D screen, to fully experiential 3D visualizations embedded in the real world.

Our Hololens application gives a visual representation of a computer science building in 3D space, allowing people to see where exits are in the building. It also gives path to the various exits; shortest path to the exist as well as directions to safe zone. Currently, our Hololens application supports the following features:
• scaling models
• loading 3d models of each floor plan of the building
• Including smoke and fire as well as animations.
• positioning models relative to real markers
• user customizable tracking patterns
• support GPS capability for calculating path to exit.

Decision Making System

We are currently working on the following
• Develop decision making system to give user specific directions (w.r.p. to GPS) for evacuation.
• Using GPS capability to recommend shortest path or recommended path to the user.
• Using IBM analytics to develop voice commands for evacuation

Screen Shot from HoloLens: showing building floor plan with fire and smoke Screen Shot from HoloLens: showing building floor plan, fire and smoke triggered through a marker.
Closer view of campus library building Side view of Computer Science Bldg.


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